Sunday, July 17, 2011

Corey Smith

Corey Smith is one of modern country’s hottest young Indie artists! His music epitomizes keeping it real! He learned early in his career that to get people to listen, you had to grab them with lyrics that hit close to home. The real beginning of Corey's career started when he won a songwriting contest in 2002 where the prize was to be able to record an album. "Undertones" was released in 2003.

He's a family man who grew up and still lives in a small town in Georgia. He graduated from UGA with a Social studies Education Degree, married his college sweetheart and became a high school teacher. He taught school for 5 years and by the time he quit already had 3 albums under his belt. I love his music, I love his voice, I love what he stands for and if you don't check out his music you will have missed out on one of life's greatest adventures!


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